Offer - how it works?

How it works?


Based on our experience, we know that every change affects the functioning of the company, often causing increased level of stress, confusion and temporary worsening of results. In times of more and more popular “digital transformations”, “digitalization” and “agile implementations”, we make sure that the process is thought out and implemented as effectively as possible, with minimal impact on business. 

Diagnose (naming the problem)

STEP 1: Interview
Initial interviews - with the board, with the management, but above all with teams. We collect information about how the organization currently operates and what is "the climate".
Step 2: Workshop
Identification of the company's values, products and the way they are made (developed) and delivered to the customer. Checking the quality of the practices and the organization's ability to achieve key results (OKR).
Step 3: Recommendation
Nameing ills of the organization, presenting the vision of the result of change and recommended actions. At this point, the company chooses whether it wants to introduce change itself or take advantage of the support.
PODCAST: Pragmatyzm w IT
Od czego zacząć, jakie kroki wykonać, na co zwrócić uwagę? Ile może trwać taka transformacja i kiedy się kończy? Posłuchaj o tym jak wygląda transformacja organizacji krok po kroku.

We support the change

Periodical consultations

It happens that transformation is a long-term process, and our support is not needed on a daily basis – teams need some time to “make up the lesson”, gather questions or make new thoughts about their difficulties. That is why we provide support in the form of regular meetings and consultations / coaching.


Already during the diagnosis, we teach employees specific techniques or skills. However, if there is a need to organize additional training, we adjust the agenda and content to the specifics of the client, so that the participants are able to consume the acquired knowledge immediately and convert it into real value for the company:

  • Event Storming
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Specification By Example
  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Scrum Foundation
  • Agile at Scale (LeSS, SAFe)
  • OKRs (Objectives Key Results)
  • Agile Advanced
  • Agile Leadership
  • Product Management Skills
  • Impact Mapping + User Story Mapping
  • #ValueFirst / EVO by Tom Gilb
  • Creativity workshop

We are aware that training high competences takes time. That’s why we support projects, outsourcing people to work onsite. Our team work on specific tasks and problems of the client in their commercial projects – in addition, they have the role of being mentors and transferring knowledge to full-time employees. We cooperate with a wide range of IT experts who are ready to join your projects. We can also recruit a specific profile on request.

Is this what you are looking for?

If our way of action has interested you and you think that we could be useful – we will gladly help you carry out single workshops or full transformation. Feel free to contact us!